by pol

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released November 13, 2014



all rights reserved


pol Seoul, South Korea

Canadian expat in Seoul makes the ultimate 'mixed tape' - all original songs inspired by 'her', whoever she may be at the time...
written, performed, engineered and produced by pol
Video for "With You" on youtube username: funnyguise
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Track Name: With You
With You

The week that went forever
The island beach of blue
The birthday wish together
With You

The need of one to care for
The chance to meet in time
The hope of dancing once more
With You

The dreams in early morning
The kiss that almost cried
The dream of being better
With You
Track Name: Dear Zoe
Dear Zoe

I know it wasn’t the best time for you
I know I’m not the best man for
I know I’m not special to you

I wish you would feel what I feel when I touch you.
I wish you would look at me like I do you
I wish you would want me with you

I wish
I wish
I wish

All the things I wish I could say
That every guy would say
I know you’ve heard it all before

I know
I know
I know

They say
I miss you
They say
I want you
They say
I need you

I hope you understand now just what I’m going through over you
I hope you know, someday, how good I am for you
I hope you figure out what you want, you need to do

I hope
I hope
I hope

I want the chance to show you all the things you and I can do
I want say we’ll find a way to make it come true
I want to be the one you see like I see in dreams of you

I want
I want
I want

I’ll say
I’ll be there for you whenever you need me to