For You

by pol

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scott hudson
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scott hudson It's always about "that" girl....what about that old woman u morphed into?? the ghost? ya, creepy Favorite track: Spring.
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The ultimate "mixed tape". All original songs "for her", whoever she may be. Based on a fantasy. Some truth, some lies.


released March 23, 2015

All 'pol' except for claps and laughs on Sunny Sunshine: Pang and Bong of PanicSwitch.
Cover concept: pol
Cover painting: Katrin Baumgaertner



all rights reserved


pol Seoul, South Korea

Canadian expat in Seoul makes the ultimate 'mixed tape' - all original songs inspired by 'her', whoever she may be at the time...
written, performed, engineered and produced by pol
Video for "With You" on youtube username: funnyguise
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Track Name: Groovy Guitar Girl
Groovy Guitar Girl

There’s a groovy guitar girl who’s rockin’ my world
Or maybe she’s just havin’ some fun
You know, that groovy guitar girl put my head in a whirl
I hope she knows that she is the one

Met her on the highway
She said she was goin’ my way
Ridin’ on the 301
We played some songs together
The night went on forever
Two of Us, just our own private show
Gave her more than subtle hints
But I still don’t know what she thinks
At least I know she had fun ;-)
I keep on wondering’ when we’re gonna meet again
She knows that my intention’s more than just to be a friend
I tried to play the part but I went too far
Come on, groovy girl, play your guitar

Come on, groovy guitar girl, you’re breakin’ my heart
Tell me that you’re still havin’ fun
My little groovy guitar girl, I’m ready to start
To keep on havin’ fun
Track Name: Lonely Girl
Lonely GIrl

Is she alone tonight?
No, she is not a lonely girl
She doesn't know the guy
But he's alone with her
The bitch is gonna bite
He knows it's gonna hurt
But still he's gonna try
Cuz right now he is felling pretty sure
It started out all right
But now it's turning for the worse

He doesn't wanna fight
that's how he shows his love for her
She only wants tonight
but he is not so sure
He sees it in her eyes
She doesn't say a word
He thinks she's gonna cry
but she is not a lonely girl
Track Name: Second Impression
Second Impression

A slight discretion - Need no confession
Out of depression - Made no concession
Confusion in remission

Like a magician - Prey by persuasion
A true musician - Played my emotions
Admission through omission

A new expression - A quick decision
Edge of obsession - Cause for celebration
Solution: a second impression
Track Name: Spring

A silly fling did bloom
come Spring
Love's lovely, blindly
binding ring
The music's mark, on me,
did make
My heart for her
to steal and break
I gladly gave these frayed
heart strings
This silly fling did bloom
come Spring
Track Name: Someone Special
Someone Special

Looking for that someone special
I'm looking for someone special

Tryin' to find that 'special someone'
Could she be that 'special someone'?

She seems just like someone special
Is she really someone special?

She could be my 'special someone'
I think I found someone special

Seems I found my 'special someone'

Did I lose that 'special someone'?
Where is she, my someone special?

I can't lose my 'special someone'
Almost lost that 'special someone'

I can't lose my someone special
Finally found that 'special someone'

I belong to someone special
I have found that 'special someone'

I'm in love with someone special
Track Name: Your Bluff
Your Bluff

I know you wanna do what you will do
You know I want you to do what you will.

Time for me is standin’ still neither up nor down the hill
Here I am, I’ve gone nowhere maybe you don’t even care

You shut me out and caused me doubt left to guess what it’s about
Spring is gone and Summer’s changed so many things left to rearrange

Thirty years of conscious mind
Am I really still so blind?
So easy fooled by female kind, am I?

Seein’ you the other day
Confidence came into play
I think I found another way to try

I’ve waited long enough
I am here to call your bluff
I’m feelin’ strong enough
Tell the truth, it ain’t so tough
I’ve waited long enough
Come on, girl, show me your stuff
Honesty out on your cuff
Let me in, give me your love

I know you wanna do what you will do
You know I want you, too. Do what you will.
Track Name: Sunny Sunshine
Sunny Sunshine

What I want is sunny sunshine
All the time shinin’ in my eyes
She has got my sunshine shinin’
All around and deep inside
When I smile you’ll see my sunshine
Shine through me, now ain’t that just fine!

Cloudy skies ain’t no surprise
If you been tellin’ her you lies
It hurts you too when she cries
You should know she only tries
To show the love that’s in her eyes
She won't put on a cheap disguise
Or do the things that you despise
When you do right her spirit flies

Now I got my sunny sunshine
All the time shinin’ in my eyes
She has got my sunshine shinin’
All around and deep inside
When I smile you’ll see my sunshine
Shinin’ through me, now ain’t that just fine!

Cloudy skies ain’t no surprise
You should know she only tries
To show the love inside her eyes
When you do right her spirit flies
Track Name: I'm Back
I'm Back

I'm back! I'm back!

Went a little off track, but I finally got the knack
for dealing with these feelings
that for so long sent me reelin'
through the ceilin'
and that helped my heart
with healin'
Now I'm wheelin' and a dealin'
almost stealin'
No more kneelin' down
Be sure that I'm believin'

I'm back! I'm back!

I been pickin' up the slack
Now I'm fillin' in the cracks
In those spaces of the places
where old faces leave their traces
I tied up my new shoe laces
cuz the chase is on
the race is won
by playin' aces, savin' graces
and by takin' slower paces till

I'm back! I'm back!

With a new plan of attack
Pretty I'll get her in the sack
with new phrases
now each phase is
another step toward
the ultimate reward
until I lose what I lack

I'm back! I'm back!
Track Name: My Favourite Song
My Favourite Song

All night and day long
My mind plays a song
All these years
so many tunes
now all I hear is you

I hear my thoughts transcribing
every note you speak
I feel the passion rising
When we meet, the Two of Us are dancing

And now your song keeps playing
My heart can't keep from saying
how great I feel these days and
always, I Will, because

You are my favourite song